Help with

"Calendar Booking"

For all Events:

Calendar defaults to current Month.

Use the > "forward" to choose

the next Month.

Please use the "Notes" in the request form to tell me what type of

Event you are planning and

the total number of quests

you expect.

Number of guests is currently

limited to "25".


You must enter Card Payment

information to send a request

for an Event Date.

Once you choose a date and

"submit" your request,

the calendar will not allow you

to make changes to that date.

If you make a mistake,

simply email me and

I can delete the incorrect date.

Please do not choose

additional dates until

this has been cleared.


Your Card will NOT be charged

until the Date has been accepted

and you receive an Email

with an Invoice for Payment.

At that time you are

responsible for making Payment.


Currently Deposits are due

no less than

4 weeks prior

to your Event Date

and are Non-refundable.

If you fail to cancel a 

reserved Event Date

or to reschedule within that time,

Deposit is considered a

Cancellation Fee.

Balance is due no later than

1 week prior

to scheduled Event Date.


"Calendar Booking"

will take you to the

Calendar site

to choose your Date.