on the Square, LLC 

"Small Event Venue" 

110 East Public Square

Downtown on the

Historical Laurens Square,

rented by Reservation.

Retail , Grocery, Bowling alleys ,

Fun Parks , so many more

are open without

limits to quantity of people.

Restuarant dine-in is open at

50% capacity.

Of course, all "curbside" and

drive-thru is open

and available.

Some businesses slowed,

but never actually closed.

Liquor stores are essential

and did not close.

Gosh in some places you could

even pick up your "spirits"

curbside, to go!

"Open containers"

that's not illegal at all huh?

(Bend the rules where "you" decide)

Gather on the Square

just wants to gather

as intended, space for celebrating,

with limits and caution of course.

Gather's been sitting still and empty

for over 3 months now.

If you can be responsible for yourself

and courteous to others,

can wear a mask where needed,

"social distance",

and wash your hands ... 

are you not as safe one place

as another ...

well, besides hunkered down inside

your house forever ... 

Looks like you're IN!

"Info for Rentals"

available Service and Time