on the Square, LLC 

"Small Event Venue" 

110 East Public Square

Downtown on the

Historical Laurens Square,

rented by Reservation.

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If you can be responsible for yourself

and courteous to others,

"social distance" where appropriate

can wear a mask where needed

and wash your hands ... 


Let's GatherUP!


"Dew"  Drop - In Only @

Gather on the Square!

Not comfortable in a 

group for several hours?

"Dew" a Drop-In Only !

Social Distance Style

Step inside to deliver your gift

treat yourself to some refreshments

at the front

while the Guest of Honor

unwraps your gift from

"6 feet ..............................away"

send "Well Wishes"

then be on your way~ 

Wear your "party" face mask

and don't forget to

SMILE with your EYES!


Get Crafty @

Gather on the Square!

Do you have an art or craft/hobby

that you'd like to

"gather up" (pun intended)

your friends, release a little stress,

laugh, have a bit of fun?

Tables and chairs with

room to spread out?

Variable Rates are based on

Specific Event Types

and Capacity (10 - 25)

Request an Event Date


Monday - Friday

10:00am - 9:00pm

on the Gather Calendar.

Email for more info and pricing.

"Dates Time Rates"